Redpoint was founded on the core values of Results, Energy, Direction, and a to-the-POINT focus. As a team, we uphold these values in all we do…which means that, as individuals, we’re the type of folks who get stuff done, and done well.

Redpointers have a zest for life, limitless curiosity, clever imagination, and a thirst for experiences. We stay focused on outcomes, even when a complex process scatters tacks in the path to success. This is because all the people who join our team are blessed with equal blends of internal drive and gracious enthusiasm.

We have publicists, marketers, graphic designers, copywriters, branders, digital specialists, counselors, and trainers. We read a ton and attend seminars to keep our skills sharp…and we write a ton and teach seminars to sharpen the skills of others. We are a small but mighty team, and – OK, we’ll say it – people enjoy having us in their orbit. We exceed expectations with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of joy.

Our management team sets the tone for the whole Redpoint gang, and they are…

  • Victoria Feldman de Falco

    Victoria Feldman de Falco


    A travel marketing veteran with deep roots in public relations, Vickie is THAT person: the one who has at least fifteen newsworthy ideas every morning before she even leaves for work. They may not all survive to adulthood, but there’s always a relevant, viable nugget at their core. Clients LOVE this about her, and we do too…even though she makes us all feel like amateurs at brainstormings.

    Vickie has created and implemented some of the travel industry’s most high profile campaigns and events, from the Cunard Line Royal Rendezvous and the legendary Sleep Concierge program at The Benjamin, to the global “Dancing Matt” campaign for the United States Tour Operators Association, the trailblazing “Lowes Loves Pets” programs for Loews Hotels, and the elegant Princess Grace celebrations for the Principality of Monaco.

    She’s one smart cookie, and we put her talents to work for clients – big and small – daily. She directs all of Redpoint’s client service teams, and is the watchdog for overall client satisfaction. She even gets her hands dirty on specific projects when the situation calls for it.  From thoughtfully plotting a five-year strategic plan and distilling a brand’s essence into a single word, to wrangling celebrity camera crews and churning out share-worthy social captions…she makes it all happen.

    For the record…she also happens to be brilliant at karaoke (how does she know the lyrics to that many songs?), a master doodler, and a knowledgeable enthusiast about all things Marvel and Harry Potter. You have our permission to quiz her when you meet.

  • Ross Evans

    Ross Evans

    Vice President

    A thoughtful marketing strategist blessed with extra helpings of common sense, we call Ross our “technophobe whisperer.” Fully bilingual in both digital geek-speak and plain ol’ English, Ross can translate the mysteries of digital marketing to decision makers at ANY level. This serves us well because we believe clients should be empowered and inspired to choose digital maneuvers wisely, and the reality is…many executives don’t know their anchor tag from their pixel tag. Enter, Ross.

    Happily, not only can he explain it…he knows how to do it, and he’s damn good at it. Ross oversees our digital and graphics team, integrating both cyber and real-life marketing landscapes seamlessly. Clients love his practical logic laced with good humor, and he’s knocked it out of the park for clients of all sizes…from the intimate Inn at Manchester to the global powerhouse Oneida.

    His pre-Redpoint history includes lengthy in-house tenures in marketing and e-commerce for high profile brands like Simon Pearce and New Balance. We’re sure he enjoyed them, and had a multitude of rich learning experiences with them…but on his first day at Redpoint, we sent him to compete in a lightsaber duel at a client event. He was hooked at first clash, and he’s never looked back.

    Though he’s based in Vermont (a critical hub for our New England clients), Ross is on the road often from the Caribbean to Canada, counseling clients, leading training workshops, and – we admit it – playing golf. And if you happen to like coffee, we suggest you ask about his (not so) secret hobby.

  • Christina Miranda


    She’s known throughout the industry by many names… The Beer Lady, The Cupcake Lady, The Jazz Lady, and more. But to us, she’s just Chris – a 25-year veteran of hospitality marketing with a head for business and a heart for hugs. She can wrap even the toughest strategic business decisions with warmth and grace, and she’s successfully guided our clients through some of their darkest hours. Perhaps we should add “The Crisis Lady” to that list of names.

    When she’s not slaying tough dragons for clients of our consulting division, she can be found on stage at conferences and conventions around the world. A sought-after speaker and trainer, Chris connects with audiences of all sizes about hospitality operations, guest service, marketing, and communications. We miss her when she flies off to present at these conferences, but thanks to the glory of social media, we pretty much see every speech from every angle.

    Besides being a science geek and a voracious reader, Chris is our resident experience junkie, which has ignited some big ideas for clients… like the Innkeeper for a Day program (New England Inns & Resorts Association), The Sanctuary (Princess Cruises), and Ice Sports University (Lake Morey Resort). She’s a master at untangling complex concepts and transforming them into smooth, step-by-step paths to goal line.

    And here’s a fun fact: The chart-topping album French Fries & Champagne by famed jazz band The Hot Sardines is an homage to Chris, who’s been their Chief Consigliere since her favorite snack (so named) first brought them together in 2012. (Shameless plug: Buy It Here)