Building New Websites and Slaying SEO Dragons for The Common Man Inns & Spa

When the executives at The Common Man Inns & Spa asked us to build them a new website for their two inns in Plymouth and Claremont NH, we began with – as we always do – an audit of their current overall digital presence.  Why?  Because a website can’t just look gorgeous…it must also perform brilliantly.  It was important to assess their current performance on the cyber stage to ensure that successes were carried through and course corrections were made with the new site.

Our findings uncovered – among other useful nuggets – a key point they weren’t expecting:  marketing both of their properties under the same website was harming, not helping, their business.  There are dozens of reasons for this in their case, and we can’t share any of them with you because that’s their business and Redpoint is discreet.  But suffice it to say…they saw the findings, understood the issues, and agreed with the solution of separate websites.

Quandary:  what do you do when you’ve budgeted for one website…and then learn you need two?  Plus a new central landing page to harness all the previous SEO traction until the new sites gain their own traction?

Ever the solutionists, we created a way for them to have their website cake and eat it too.  The plan was recast to effectively deliver two websites plus a central landing page for the same budget.  And then we went to work.

To create their websites, we…

  • Did a brand assessment including extensive site visits to capture and shape their voice and vibe
  • Led photo shoots for both properties to ensure the imagery toolbox aligned with copy and overall positioning
  • Built wireframes and designs from scratch and developed the entire visual palette
  • Curated existing copy and wrote a lot more
  • Thoroughly armed each site for SEO success
  • Orchestrated the entire transfer process, including booking engine integration and shift in hosting environments

The sites launched in early 2017 and they’re already outperforming the former site by leaps and bounds.  Plus, they’re prettier.  Want to see?

Common Man Inn & Spa Plymouth

Common Man Inn Claremont