Back in 2002 when we were purely a public relations agency, the world of communications was less complex.  This was before social media (affectionately as we call it:  BSM), a slower paced time…when something outrageous a hotel guest experienced couldn’t possibly be known to millions of people within the hour.  And before citizen journalists had the means to call out brands instantly and publicly for not living up to their promises made by slick marketing and PR campaigns. Facebook didn’t even exist yet, and TripAdvisor was barely in its infancy.

We STILL do public relations in travel, tourism, and hospitality today – and our clients say we’re pretty damn good at it – but we’ve expanded our services over the past two decades to also offer a range of marketing, consulting, and training programs.  Why?  Because our clients need assistance integrating messages and navigating communications at today’s ever-evolving pace.

Among other things, we build websites, implement social media and influencer campaigns, and orchestrate digital marketing programs.  We create brand positionings and identities, perform long-range strategic planning, and develop products and services that increase revenues.  And we train travel and hospitality professionals worldwide on everything from guest service and leadership to marketing and social media.

So…do we feel ridiculous negotiating contracts with dogs to reach their Instagram followers, while in the next breath fact-checking a serious feature story in the New York Times… all for the same client?  Nope.  Trust us… we are no stranger to performing odd jobs.

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