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We love to empower and inspire folks in travel, tourism, and hospitality. So we head out into the field often and share our knowledge with signature Redpoint Boot Camps.

These intensive, fun learning experiences are arranged in half-day, full-day, or two-day agendas. Based on current industry trends, or a particular knowledge deficiency we’ve identified in the industry, each Boot Camp covers a series of related topics around a core theme. Led by the experienced trainers of Redpoint – with occasional special guest stars – Boot Camps offer participants direct interaction with speakers, comprehensive training materials, thought-provoking content, real-world examples, networking time with attendees, and of course…food. Redpoint rarely does anything without food.

Rats…you missed our 2017 Boot Camp, but you can still see the agenda below. Stay tuned for upcoming dates and topics!

2017 Boot Camp Program:  How to Make Smarter Marketing Decisions

At industry conferences, you probably attend a bunch of educational sessions that instruct you on HOW to do specific marketing initiatives. So you leave with a little more knowledge about how – say – Snapchat or public relations works… but what you still struggle with is… “should I even be doing that, and if so, how much money and time should I be spending on it?” Relax. We got you.

Our 2017 Redpoint Marketing Boot Camp takes a strategic, birds-eye view of marketing as it relates to a total business operation. This one-day program shares content relevant for any professional who oversees (or contributes to) the tactical marketing choices of a lodging, restaurant, attraction, destination, or tourism service business. Attendees will be taught how to critically evaluate the vast sea of marketing choices in order to select their tactics wisely. This high-level lens is sorely neglected in most businesses. People dive right into tactics – out of habit, popular opinion, time crunch, or misconception – without first considering if they make strategic sense. This Marketing Boot Camp will address that and more, with a robust agenda of sessions that includes: The Marketing Chessboard: What Are the Best Moves? Strategic marketing is like playing in a chess match…you can’t make the first move without forecasting your end game, and all the moves required to get there. We’ll compare all the major marketing options available today – social media, PR, advertising, direct, digital, onsite, trade shows, and more – to clearly explain the value of each: short-term vs. long-term ROI, easy vs. intense time investment, non-negotiable interdependencies, and more. This understanding is critical to aligning expectations (and results) with budget. Time Management for Marketers It’s the silent killer of any annual marketing program…you do a financial budget that looks great on paper, but do you have enough time to execute all of it well? This session will force you to face reality about what results you can expect from a box-checking, spreadsheet approach to marketing. We’ll break down the major marketing options by required time intensity to reveal what’s worth a deep dive, what’s ok with a light touch, and what quicksand time-sucks you should avoid. Heads up…you’ll leave this session with an entirely new perspective on marketing, and don’t be surprised if you recast your whole strategy as a result. Story Time: Eat It Up Over lunch, we’ll regale you with real-world marketing stories that underscore the supreme importance of choices and time management. Some will inspire you…others will make you cringe with horror. But all will give you delicious food for thought. Content: It’s Not Just Important…It’s EVERYTHING Somewhere in marketing evolution, “content” became a buzzword, and “developing content” became a to-do list item. It’s something churned out to feed the marketing channel beasts…emails, social media, newsletters, digital ads, blah blah blah. Stop the churning, folks. What you say and how you say it are the MOST IMPORTANT CHOICES you will make in marketing. So if you’re slapping together email newsletters and ad content the day they’re due, you’re wasting time and money. In this session, we’ll reveal strategic ways to completely redesign your content approach and the importance it holds in your heart, based on one simple rule: what do your audiences want to hear in each of your different marketing channels? Your Website is Your Garden: Get a Green Thumb, Pronto It’s the most vital tool in your marketing toolbox, and yet most businesses (yes, most) plant their website online without a sensible ongoing plan to feed and water it. The marketing budget and time choices you make will impact the health of your website and how attractive it is to visitors. And if you think this is just about doing PPC and SEO, get ready to have your digital world rocked. POST-BOOT-CAMP BONUS SESSION: Managing the Website Development Process (Can’t make Boot Camp? Sign up for this separately!) If you’re planning to redo your website in the next 24 months, stay for this one-hour session, which is free to Boot Camp attendees. Chances are, you’re not building your own site…which means you’re at the mercy of an outside “expert.” What should you look for in proposals? What are the correct steps and timeline to launch? What parts should YOU handle internally, and what should remain in outside hands? How much of your own time will be required? How much should it cost? And perhaps most importantly…how do you manage the work process when you don’t quite understand the work involved? This session will give you all the secrets you need to tackle this critical task wisely. Boot Camp Schedule
  • 8:30am: Check-in opens, continental breakfast available
  • 9:30am: Program begins
  • 10am – 12:15pm: Morning sessions (with break)
  • 12:15 – 1pm: Lunch and Story Time
  • 1pm – 3:15pm: Afternoon sessions (with break)
  • 3:30 – 4:30pm: Bonus Session: Managing Web Development Process