5 things

Each month in the Tickled Red newsletter, we highlight five things that deserve attention in the fluid, crazy, surprising, and often humorous world of marketing. They’re recorded here for posterity.

The December 2019 5 Things

Tourism and hospitality saw some hilarious things in 2019. These five made us laugh, applaud, smack our heads, and – as always – have ideas. Worth a look.

  1. This dog runs a sweet potato stand in Japan.  Why – oh why? – aren’t there more dogs running stands in hospitality?  Folks… you’re welcome.  Go make it happen for a tourism slam dunk.
  2. Taco Bell opened a resort.  Granted, The Bell was open for just four days, and it was a pop-up at an existing hotel in Palm Springs, CA… but you’d never know it from the branding and publicity.  #america
  3. Why did it take so long for a new shadow-seeker to rival Team Groundhog on Feb 2?  Lucy the Lobster solidified her authority as a media darling with her second year of winter predictions in Barrington NS.
  4. Aeromexico flew boldly into the “border wall” media storm with this hilarious – and masterful – video about its DNA Discount program.  Was it a real program?  No one is sure…but the PR was pretty bueno.
  5. There’s legit substance under this hood, but the promos for Airbnb’s new Animal Experiences program highlight “tea with naughty sheep” and “a concert for great white sharks by the band KISS.” Seriously.

The November 2019 5 Things

These social accounts repeatedly spark marketing ideas, whether it’s an interesting way to present a photo, or a concept for an event, a new program/amenity, ways for our clients to tap into trends, and much more.  Definitely worth a follow.

@romtoronto on Instagram:  clever memes, cool events, and sassy voice underscore smart, atypical marketing angles

@zonephysics on Twitter: extraordinary nature/science gives fodder for events, photos, videos, and more

@witenry on Instagram:  creative inspiration for food, art, design, and visual engagement

@weratedogs on all social channels: masterful example of clear, unwavering brand voice and insanely imaginative photo captioning – you can find them on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook

@mashable on Twitter / Facebook:  random, zany, trending, and newsy nuggets from all corners of the internet universe…just waiting to be plucked for marketing inspiration