“Are you crazy?” That’s what we heard from people when we decided to launch a tourism PR firm based in NYC just six months after 9/11, when travel was avoided and budgets were scarce.

Today, we are a full service marketing, consulting, and training firm with a global portfolio of clients. This means we not only help clients look good…we also help them BE good. We’re experts at shaping the way brands and destinations interact with consumers online, in person, and through the media. And though we serve clients in every facet of the tourism, travel, hospitality, culinary, and related lifestyle industries, we are especially considered a leading authority in New England and Atlantic Canada tourism.

So…we may have been crazy, but perhaps that’s just part of our charm.

Evolution History
Redpoint began as a public relations firm, so our roots are in guarding and sculpting the image of various organizations through media coverage, special events, and publicity. To this day, we know in our hearts that a brand’s portrayal in the media – and social media – is the most essential key (or bar) to its success, and our PR expertise serves brands large and small.

However, PR works best when it’s consistent with all the other external marketing messages that a brand shares with the world. So we soon expanded our services to offer a full range of integrated marketing solutions, all with an eye toward ensuring a unified brand voice and messaging.

But wait! Safeguarding a brand’s external reputation through marketing isn’t enough to ignite the bottom line. An organization must also deliver on its promises to the outside world or risk its financial health. And being bottom line watchdogs, we’ve noticed that many of our clients (though well-intended and passionate) fumbled at the goal line on delivery. So, we gradually expanded our services again to offer consulting and training solutions that help clients live up to – and enhance – their desired reputations.

Clearly, our toolbox of services has grown since the day we first hung out Redpoint’s shingle. But our publicist core still anchors our perspective in all we do for clients. More than ever, smart business strategy relies on the ability to forecast how every move a client makes could play out in viral headlines. So, even those clients who tap our services in just a single division – PR, marketing, consulting, or training – benefit from our media-savvy lens.