Agency principal Vickie de Falco missed her calling.  She should have been a graffiti artist.  But since that’s illegal and not very lucrative, she started Redpoint and seeks other outlets for her artistry.

And she finds them…everywhere.  Coffee cart napkins, scraps of paper, box tops, meeting agendas, the stay-fresh seal from a Pringles can…literally everywhere.  Her doodles are intricate, diverse, and utterly captivating (we can brag…she didn’t write this).  It’s pretty inspirational.

One day, just for fun, we covered the conference room table with butcher paper before a staff meeting and set out some markers.  And you know what?  We’ve not seen the surface of that table in years.  The passionate doodlers of Redpoint keep at it until every inch of that paper has art, and The Refreshing of the Doodle Paper is a ceremony that rivals the Buckingham Palace Guard Change.  We’ve even created a coloring book of the table’s most legendary doodles (and you can buy it here on Amazon).

Visitors to our office enjoy leaving their mark on the doodle table, and Redpointers flock to it whenever imagination needs to be summoned.  Click on each thumbnail to see some of our favorite masterpieces.