• COVID-19 Musician Relief Fund

    COVID-19 Musician Relief Fund

    We care deeply about how the COVID-19 situation is impacting the musicians of NYC, many of whom live gig-to-gig as they share their talents with the world.  So, we've done two things to help:  1) Launched a GoFundMe campaign - in addition to our own seed money - to provide a fund to pay musicians for virtual "mini concerts" that 2) will bring our Live at Redpoint music series online.  Want to learn more or help with a small donation?  Click here.

  • We’re coming for ya, Nova Scotia…

    We’re coming for ya, Nova Scotia…

    Chris is all dressed up to visit Nova Scotia during lobster season, and heads up:  she’s bringing her presentation clicker.  Catch her keynote presentation at the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture Minister’s Conference on March 3-4 on the topic “Agritourism…What Sells?”  And then on March 5th, she’s leading an all-day seminar for Taste of Nova Scotia on “How to Be More Persuasive in Marketing,” with four fab sessions including What Makes Websites More Attractive to Google, Five Secrets to Make Your Writing More Persuasive, What Makes An Effective Photo on Social Media,  and Tips for Getting More PR in the Age of Social Media.

  • Welcome to the family, Basin Harbor!

    Welcome to the family, Basin Harbor!

    As the new PR agency of record for this stunning resort on Lake Champlain in Vermont, we’re excited about so many things:  the fabulous story angles, the super-fun executive team, the extensive list of amenities and services available at the resort… oh, and this view.  We fully intend to sit in those groovy chairs as much as possible during our onsite brainstormings.  Now THAT is team spirit.  We love you, Basin Harbor.

  • Who’s ready for the 2020 USTOA Digital Marketing Academy?

    Who’s ready for the 2020 USTOA Digital Marketing Academy?

    For the third year in a row, Redpoint is orchestrating a full-day digital marketing conference for the United States Tour Operators Association.  From soup to nuts, we plan the entire day, curate the content, secure the speakers, and bring cutting edge digital education and trends to a sold-out audience in NYC.  This year’s speakers include digital experts from Facebook, American Airlines, GeekHive and others… including these two sassy teachers (Ross Evans and Christina Miranda, pictured here) from Redpoint.

  • Our new favorite client:  Billings Farm & Museum.

    Our new favorite client:  Billings Farm & Museum.

    Can you blame us for dubbing THIS FACE our new favorite client?  This cutie pie and all the baby animals… plus all the adult animals, the interactive experiences, and the educational programs of Billings Farm are now in our care for North American PR.  Based in Woodstock Vermont, Billings is a year-round destination attraction and we’re gonna milk their stories for all they’re worth!  (Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves.)

  • If you love music, catch us on Spotify!

    If you love music, catch us on Spotify!

    We love music – so much that we even have an office concert series – and we especially love sharing tasty music with the world.  Our new Spotify hub has playlists curated by our team, aligned with fun projects and programs we’re working on each month.  From Road Trip Karaoke and Oh (Atlantic) Canada, to La Dolce Vita, 1969 Throwbacks and more… we design soundtracks to spice up or soothe down any occasion.

  • Hiya, Flying Monkey.  New website…coming up!

    Hiya, Flying Monkey.  New website…coming up!

    Built in the 1920’s, the Flying Monkey Movie House & Performance Center is a New England arts and culture hub in Plymouth, NH that boasts 445 seats and a loooooong list of sold-out performances by legendary artists from around the world.  They’ve tapped us to overhaul their digital presence, starting with the development and design of a new website that enhances the user experience and simplifies the booking process.  Confession:  we’re going to attend plenty of shows to gather experience data.  #toughjobbutsomeonesgotta

  • Hello Hammetts Hotel!

    Hello Hammetts Hotel!

    We’re super-psyched to welcome the Hammetts Hotel into the Redpoint family of PR clients.  This gorgeous new hotel is set to open in Newport, RI in the spring of 2020 and we’re going to make sure allllllll the media know about it.  Will you find us sipping cocktails in Newport this coming summer?  Naturally.  #marketresearch

  • Taking Perillo to TV

    Taking Perillo to TV

    We had so much fun orchestrating a half-day satellite media tour for Steve Perillo of Perillo Tours to discuss the charms of Italy in the off-season.  We prepped, coached, crafted talking points, hosted, and cheered… and the result was 20 fabulous (and often hilarious) TV and radio interviews delivered across the US in just four hours.  Anyone who knows Steve knows he’s quite the character, so our favorite line was “you could spend $2,000 more to go in the summer, or you can spend 50 bucks on a nice coat and go when the crowds are less.”  And if you DON’T know Steve, watch Adam Sandler play him on SNL.

  • Introducing…Tickled Red.

    Introducing…Tickled Red.

    Hot off the press:  we just launched a monthly e-newsletter that covers the fun aspects of travel marketing both here at Redpoint and elsewhere in the industry.  It's a quick read, including tips, trends, ideas, creative inspiration...maybe even a joke or two.  Want to get on the list?  Sign up here.

  • Introducing:  @PostcardsFromRedpoint

    Introducing: @PostcardsFromRedpoint

    Places we’ve been, foods we’ve tasted, animals we’ve met, music we’ve heard.  That’s the focus of @postcardsfromredpoint… our own lil’ travel and culture magazine, brought to life this month on Instagram.  We travel for a living, and our team has such rich and varied experiences on all seven continents.  We figured…why not share them with the world?  OMG… does this make us (gasp)…INFLUENCERS?  It will be a riot when we start pitching ourselves for story features.

  • Our latest partnership curation:  USTOA & Joe’s Pub

    Our latest partnership curation:  USTOA & Joe’s Pub

    We are SO PSYCHED to be orchestrating a groovy new music, travel, and culture program for 2020 for longtime client USTOA.  Featuring a partnership with legendary cultural venue Joe’s Pub in NYC and showcasing the music of several global destinations, this extensive collaboration will come to life with live concerts, online stories, music videos, PR, and a seriously widespread digital marketing campaign.  See how excited we are about it?  <jazz hands>

  • How’s your (digital) health?  Find out at Boot Camp!

    How’s your (digital) health? Find out at Boot Camp!

    Our next Marketing Boot Camp is on Nov 12 in Plymouth NH…and it’s a real goodie.  We’re teaching folks how to self-audit their website, email campaigns, and social channels… which sounds super geeky, but is actually geared for non-geeks.  It’s soooo important that people who are managing all these online channels understand how to know when to worry and what to worry about… and even better:  what to do about it.  See the agenda here.

  • Hola, SATW!

    Hola, SATW!

    Redpoint was well repped at this year’s Society of American Travel Writers conference in El Paso TX, and Gina did a smashing job sharing our clients’ news with top travel and lifestyle journalists. There was media speed dating, info sessions, and lots – and lots – of schmoozy social time… which is the best time to pitch news and find out what journalists are planning next.  There was ALSO hiking… and what’s hiking in Hueco Tanks State Park without a selfie to prove it?

  • Hiya, Tourism Industry Association of PEI!

    Hiya, Tourism Industry Association of PEI!

    Ross is headed to Prince Edward Island, Canada on October 23 and 24 to be the featured speaker at the TIAPEI annual conference.  Here’s the plan:  he’ll teach the tourism community a fabulous curriculum of “Advanced Social Media for Beginners,” and in return, he’ll get to golf his little heart out while he’s there.  It’s the greatest win-win in the history of speaking engagements.

  • New Case Study for Barn on the Pemi!

    New Case Study for Barn on the Pemi!

    It’s been 18 months since we created a website and launched a strategic digital campaign for the breathtaking Barn on the Pemi in Plymouth, NH…and sweet mercy, the results are strong.  You can read all about it in our new case study, and special thanks to our lovely client for allowing us to share some key stats with the world!

  • This new client ran right into our loving arms.

    This new client ran right into our loving arms.

    We’re excited to welcome Running Subway Productions into the Redpoint family!  It’s going to be a blast leading the PR and social influencer program for them, as they open a huge new interactive attraction in Times Square in Spring 2020.  What’s it going to be like, you ask?  Our lips are sealed for now.  All will be announced in good time.  #strategy

  • Chris brought cookies to class.

    Chris brought cookies to class.

    When asked to teach a full-day social media and digital marketing seminar in Halifax NS for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), Chris realized that it was happening during Canada’s Italian Heritage Month (June).  So, while teaching classes on hashtags, content development, programmatic marketing, SEO, and social influencers, she also served the class cookies that she lovingly carried across the border from her favorite Italian bakery on NYC’s Bleecker Street (Pasticceria Rocco). WE ARE A FULL SERVICE AGENCY, FOLKS.

  • We ate up Portland and the Willamette Valley.

    We ate up Portland and the Willamette Valley.

    Our educational best practices mission to Oregon for client Taste of Nova Scotia was a delicious success!  Ross – seen here taste-testing pizza (someone’s gotta) – led 16 Nova Scotian culinary and tourism delegates through a week of learning and development behind the scenes at some of Portland and the Willamette Valley’s most innovative food businesses.  From Blue Star Donuts and Bob’s Red Mill to Stoller Family Estates, Steven Smith Tea, Portland Night Market, and more… the delegates got a tasty education and returned home with a ton of inspiration!  Learn more about our mission planning here.

  • Hello, White Mountain!

    Hello, White Mountain!

    We’re big fans of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, so we’re pretty giddy about being tapped to create the new brand identity for the White Mountain Hotel & Resort and its signature restaurant The Ledges.  It’s going to require several visits to the property, so we can embrace the vibe and bake it right into the new brand.  Several…visits…to…the…gorgeous…White…Mountains.  Oh, poor us.

  • Our office concert series hits a milestone.

    Our office concert series hits a milestone.

    The Live at Redpoint series just had its 20th show!  We LOVE bringing talented artists into our office to play us some tunes and tell us their stories.  And we've learned a TON about musical instruments of all kinds... from washboards and cuatros to accordions, harmonicas, congas and more.  Performance #21 hits on December 11... if you're in the neighborhood, stop by and jam with us:  set hits at 5pm sharp!

  • Whoa.  Chris is a Luminary.

    Whoa. Chris is a Luminary.

    Chris was invited to speak at the upcoming Destinations International CMO Summit, doing a Ted-Talk-style presentation on the subject of Innovation.  We’re flattered by this honor to help educate the chief marketing folks of DMOs and CVBs around the world, and we’re certain that Chris will deliver a memorable, lively speech on the subject.  But if we’re being honest, we’re MOST excited by this:  speakers at this event are called Luminaries, which has given us unlimited opportunities for affectionate humor in the office.  Genuflecting to Her Luminousness and wearing shades in her presence somehow never gets old.

  • First Annual USTOA Digital Marketing Academy?  Nailed it.

    First Annual USTOA Digital Marketing Academy? Nailed it.

    On January 24, we brought 100 tour and travel industry professionals together in NYC for a full-day of programming that taught both elementary and emerging digital marketing strategies.  Created for longtime client US Tour Operators Association, this First Annual Digital Marketing Academy featured speakers with high-octane experience from JetBlue, AirB&B, Google, Skift, and MMGY, and our crackerjack Redpoint training team led insightful workshops throughout the day.  There was even a “C-Suite” track, with high-level strategic content designed specifically for C-Level executives.  And was there prosecco served as a surprise?  Oh yes.  There was indeed.

  • Ciao, Perillo!

    Ciao, Perillo!

    We’re psyched to welcome Perillo Tours to the Redpoint family of clients, as we take on North American media relations and brand development for its signature Learning Journeys™ program.  Learning Journeys takes discerning travelers to experience unique enrichment opportunities in destinations around the globe, but of course Perillo is best known for its original mission of trips to Italy.  Therefore, we plan to eat lots of pasta as we get onboard with this client.  #fullservicefirm

  • Oh, hey Newport.

    Oh, hey Newport.

    Redpoint has been tapped for a HUGE soon-to-be-announced project in fabulous Newport RI, and we can’t reveal details yet.  Awww.  Are you sad you’re not in on the secret?  Here’s a photo to make you feel better:  Ross, Vickie, and Chris…in a waterfront recon-selfie during the launch site visit.  You’re welcome.

  • Vermont + love again.

    Vermont + love again.

    We love Vermont.  And we love educational experiences.  And we love creating solutions.  So when the Vermont Attractions Association asked our consulting division to develop a five-year strategic plan for the organization, it was like winning the client lottery.  Also, we heard that VAA board meetings often feature cheese from Cabot Creamery, ice cream from Ben & Jerry's, and cider donuts from Cold Hollow Cider Mill.  But of course, that didn't factor into our decision to take on this project.  Nope.  Not at all.

  • What's up, Maine?

    What's up, Maine?

    A message to the glorious and seductive state of Maine:  we are sending you Chris to be the opening keynote speaker at your Maine Hospitality Summit on Oct 23-24, 2017.  There’s one catch…you must send her back.  This won’t be easy, as your theme is “Be Inspired,” and that’s going to capture her heart and prompt her to hug everyone in the state.  We’d appreciate if you’d remind her she’s got other people to hug back at Redpoint HQ.  In return, we’ll make sure she comes prepared to kick off your conference with a memorable, inspirational bang.

  • Put your boots on, marketers.  It's time.

    Put your boots on, marketers. It's time.

    Redpoint’s next one-day Marketing Boot Camp is on the calendar for Sept 12, 13, and 14, 2017...and it’s making us pretty giddy.  The program is How to Make Smarter Marketing Decisions, and it takes a birds-eye view of strategy.  Instead of focusing on things like “how to use Snapchat” or “how to woo top journalists”… it addresses more important issues facing attendees, like:  SHOULD they be using Snapchat?  And SHOULD they be wooing top journalists?  And so much more.  Time and money are precious and finite, so choosing how to spend both in marketing is vital to maximizing resources. September Boot Camp dates are in Killington VT, Southbridge MA, and Exeter, NH.  Learn more here.

  • It's like Atlantic Canada asked us to go steady.

    It's like Atlantic Canada asked us to go steady.

    Atlantic Canada’s growing love affair with Redpoint just got a little deeper, folks.  The Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership has tapped our PR expertise, which means we’re now the US media relations agency for the four stunning Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador.  If anyone needs us, we’ll just be right here drooling over the image library in our media toolkit and plotting ways to mandate extended site visits for the team.

  • We LOVErmont.

    We LOVErmont.

    Redpoint once again brought our special brand of educational joy to the 2017 Vermont Tourism Summit in Stowe, VT... dual clickers!…ice cream!...hugs!  Such excitement.  Ross helped attendees “Recover Forgotten Marketing Techniques” and Gina coached aspiring marketers on “DIY PR.”  Chris was there to cheer them on, as NextGenRedpoint took the podium.  You can watch Ross’ session here.

  • Tauck + Redpoint = Joy.

    Tauck + Redpoint = Joy.

    Small ship cruising?  Journeys with Ken Burns?  Enriching global tours?  SIGN US UP.  We’re now Tauck’s PR agency of record, and we can’t wait to share their story with the world.  We’ll start by planning huge media events for them at Seatrade Cruise Global and CLIA Cruise360 within the first three months of our relationship… y’know…NBD.  All in a day’s work, y’all.

  • ‘Twas So Much More Than “Building a Website”

    ‘Twas So Much More Than “Building a Website”

    When The Common Man Inns of Plymouth and Claremont asked us to build them a new website, we responded by first diving deeply under the hood of their ENTIRE business.  Why?  Because a website can’t just look pretty.  It should 1) be user friendly; 2) solve a variety of “in real life” operational problems with suitable functionality; 3) place visible, findable emphasis on key business drivers, and 4) be strong and nimble enough to fuel a powerful digital marketing program.  So not only did we end up building them two websites instead of one, but we solved a bunch of problems they weren’t even aware they had.  And…oh yeah… we made sure the websites are VERY pretty.  Read the case study here.


  • Redpoint + Vermont = Besties

    Redpoint + Vermont = Besties

    Is it possible to say you have a “residency” at an annual tourism conference?  Because we’re back – AGAIN – speaking at the 2016 Vermont Tourism Summit on April 13-14 in Killington.  Ross and Chris promise to bring their A-game on a variety of topics, including Old School Communication Strategy for New School Media, Be a Better Leader, and Branding: Don’t Just Exist…Really LIVE.  What will Chris wear for these presentations? Well, at the ABA Marketplace Convention in January, she wore a fuzzy leopard print bathrobe for her we'd say wardrobe is anyone's guess at this point.

  • Hello, Newfoundland & Labrador.

    Hello, Newfoundland & Labrador.

    The signature Red Box is headed to this enchanting Atlantic Canadian province, folks.  Chris is carrying it across the border to share Redpoint’s expertise, hugs, prizes, and surprises as the keynote speaker at the 2016 Hospitality Newfoundland & Labrador Annual Conference.  Does she feel like a diva headed to speak in a destination that has its very own time zone?  Indeed she does.  Sigh…there will be no living with her after this.

  • Good Business Strategy is Delicious

    Good Business Strategy is Delicious

    Whoa.  After leading two successful educational missions for the renowned Taste of Nova Scotia group (Finger Lakes Mission crew shown here), Redpoint has been asked to create and host an entire conference for them in their central Halifax hub.  Ross and Chris have donned their professor caps, and are headed up to Nova Scotia on October 21 and 22 to lead the first “Communications and Commerce in Culinary Tourism” Conference, followed by a day of one-on-one “marketing therapy” appointments for members.

  • New Jersey Has Some Interesting Characters

    New Jersey Has Some Interesting Characters

    When Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari & Hurricane Harbor called upon Redpoint’s consulting division to help sculpt the theme park’s menu of team building offerings, we kicked things off with an in-depth site tour.  This little guy captured our hearts during the Safari exploration, but y’all can rest easy:  we left baby and mama at peace and well out of any wacky team-building strategy.  Gotta show respect for wildlife, people.

  • Hello, New Brunswick.

    Hello, New Brunswick.

    The Miramichi River Tourism Association has tapped Redpoint to help drive tourism arrivals to the region.  To achieve this, we’ll be doing all sorts of serious business stuff… assessing digital analytics, refining brand position, leading focus groups, orchestrating region-wide training, crafting an integrated marketing strategy and more.  But first?  We needed to go kiss all the locals hello.  Can you blame us?


  • Making Print Sexy Again

    Making Print Sexy Again

    Welcome to the Redpoint family, Discovery Map International!  We are pretty wild about those clever, cartoon-style maps that are like a tourist’s bible in more than 130 resort destinations throughout North America.  So when they asked for our help with brand development, PR, social media marketing, and franchise relations…it took us exactly two seconds to say “Yes, please.”  And then we rolled around on the floor with all the maps to truly immerse ourselves in the endeavor.  Because, yes…we are pretty geeky about maps.